Solimo 10% peróxido de benzoilo para el acné, máxima resistencia, 1oz

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  • Peróxido de benzoilo para tratamiento de acné.
  • Esta formula ibera el medicamento profundamente en los poros donde comienzan las espinillas Ingrediente activo
  • No utilizar si tienes piel muy sensible o eres sensible al peróxido de benzoílo Garantía de satisfacción:
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Bs.99.00Bs.120.00 (-18%)

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  1. 59

    por sahilsahil

    first review on Amazon

    This product actually worked. I had pimple pits on my skin like when a meteor hits the moon. This cream seems to help and I want to share that after 12 years of my life living with the pits they are gone

  2. 59

    por loveheart

    WORKS (off label use) for bacterial infection

    Awesome value/effective product. We remember this as clearasil – but I didn’t use it for acne.This is also used off label for (meaning it’s accidentally effective for something it wasn’t intended for) pitted keratolysis- if you have it and google it you will recognize it immediately- if not you probably don’t have it.I have a crazy Doberman who gets really excited. He was lit like a Christmas tree one day and accidentally stomped on my bare foot like a drunk frat boy and scraped my skin. I thought nothing of it and went about my life. A day later my toe was sore. I thought it was bruised. Another day later my foot itched. I took off my sock and saw that my toes were very red, inflamed, and my skin was peeling off. A quick google and immediately I recognized the characteristic pinhole white flakey skin as pitted keratolysis. Sounds disgusting, I know. But it is apparently a common bacterial infection and it leaves little pinholes in the skin where the bacteria damages the stratum corneum – it’s not that serious as this layer is near the very top of the dermis so it’s very superficial- however- it is different from athletes foot (which is a fungus) and we all know that to kill a bacteria we need something other than a fungicide like lamisil or any of the athletes foot remedies.benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria. which is why it is effective against most acne (most acne is also caused by bacterial) unless it’s fungal acne in which case good luck and you will need a different treatment.Anyway… here is how I treated my feet:Cleanse well – I used orange dial which may have been overkill as it is antimicrobial but I wasn’t messing around.Feet were still itching after cleanse – itching stopped immediately with a baking soda soak (dump some baking soda in a bowl with soothing warm water and soak feet, you’ll love it) I even sprinkled some baking soda baking soda right onto my skin. It was instant relief. Then rinse.Dry feet well. Apply benzoyl peroxide. Apply fresh clean white (no dye) cotton socks. Feet need to breathe and stay dry so cotton is perfect.It took a few days for the redness to completely disappear but the very next day it was improved and no longer itchy.After the benzoyl peroxide killed the bacteria and the inflammation was gone my feet/toes were very peely where the skin became loose in little tiny bubbled up pockets of dry skin so I used a thick hand cream under socks after the redness stayed gone for a whole day and now my feet are gorgeous and pretty again.Be sure to throw away or thoroughly clean what ever shoes you were wearing when it started. I repeat: do not put your cured feet back in shoes that had the bacteria in them. You can boil them, soak them in bleach or if you are insane like me just put them in your ozone generating tent you made to sterilize things for COVID. I also sprinkled sodium bicarbonate and poured boiling water into them because- like I said, I’m insane. But I guarantee my boots are clean.It all sounds horrific but I’ve had hyperhydrosis (sweaty hands and feet) my whole life and I remember as a child this would happen to my feet in the summer but I just lived with it because my parents didn’t have google and they were doing their best. It’s has been years since this happened but after wearing ug boots for a little too long I was reminded of my childhood woes of being a sweaty feet girl. Now I know what to do should I get a lil too happy in my boots for too long.

    A 32 personas les resultó útil

  3. 59

    por Amazon Veteran Shopper

    The only spot treatment that works

    I’ve tried so many spot treatments and even other brands with the same active ingredient. I’m telling you nothing has worked without bad effects such as peeling, hyperpigmentation, ect… EXCEPT this one. This product is absolutely amazing for my sensitive skin and most pimples if used every night are gone or shrink within a couple days to a week! It’s so cheap, try it and you’ll believe me. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser and really clean your face before applying.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  4. 59

    por Ankit


    made my acne go away ASAP

  5. 59

    por Amy

    It works

    This stuff is amazing. I’ve struggled with breakouts along my jawline & on my neck for the past year. I’ve tried soo many different products, diets, & lifestyle changes. Nothing worked. I saw this and it was cheap so I figured I’d give it a shot. I put it on before bed, woke up and was shocked! My deep pimples were almost completely gone. Highly recommend!!!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  6. 59

    por Cassie

    Worked well to decrease acne

    Worked well decreases the time that acne is noticeable. Stronger then most other products I have used for acne prone skin.

  7. 59

    por Kindle Customer

    Works fine, good value

    Hard to find 10% benzoyl peroxide in retail stores; happy to find this for a good price. Does what I need it to, dries skin and reduces problems on face

  8. 59

    por MeowMeow

    Favorite acne cream!

    One of the few acne creams that work for my skin! Just make sure to wear face moisturizer as it can make your skin dry when using it everyday.

  9. 59

    por georgiamckz

    Works amazingly, but please create a skincare routine to aid in skin healing!

    I love this benzoyl peroxide cream and it is the only one I use. I have hormonal cystic acne due to PCOS. I decided to have a consultation with an esthetician who recommended benzoyl peroxide, and also suggested other products to use alongside it. A routine is very much needed when using benzoyl peroxide. Here’s my routine, which has done wonders for me since I started it two years ago:1. Cleanse twice with CeraVe Acne Foaming Cleanser – also has benzoyl peroxide. I cleanse using the pads of my fingers for 60 secs each time2. Tone with CosRx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner using cotton rounds – This will remove any dirt and dead skin, and also prevents blackheads and whiteheads3. COSRX Galactomyces 95 Tone Balancing Essence – Tones and also helps with acne4. Amazon Brand – Solimo 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication – I personally prefer putting it on while my face is still damp so that the medication doesn’t become too tacky or pill after using my other products5. CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Cream – You NEED some sort of lotion or cream in order to prevent the benzoyl peroxide from drying out your skin and ruining your moisture barrier6. A mixture of grapeseed, avocado and jojoba oils – Please do not believe the lies about all oils being bad for your skin. These oils are great for locking in all moisture and are also non-comedogenic, so they will not cause any breakouts.All of these products together may be pricey, but they WORK amazingly

    A 13 personas les resultó útil

  10. 59

    por Wendy Watson

    Just your standard 10% B.P. cream – great price

    As good as any name brand 10% benzoyl peroxide cream. Super drying because it’s so strong but can definitely help reduce a blemish. Just know that it’s not transparent unless rubbed in thoroughly, and any area you put it on will get all dry and flaky, no matter how oily your skin is naturally. I certainly didn’t need this many tubes but it’s a great value.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  11. 59

    por Will Davis

    Great and so much less than name brand!

    This product works just as well as name brand, way less in $ and shows up at my house. Gotta love that!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  12. 59

    por Tom DeBaun

    Flakey and Inaffective

    It seems like a good value for your money but if it’s too good to be true, it often is. Goes on very opaque white, and if you don’t do an extremely thin layer it will just flake off. With other brands I can wear it on my skin outside the house but not this one. Looks like clown makeup when applied lol. All of this would be annoying but fine IF it helped with my acne. Sadly it just doesn’t do a good job and I’ll be switching back to my more expensive brand.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  13. 59

    por Alex N

    Works perfectly!

    I have been using clearasil 10% for over 10 years to keep my face clear and lately it has become impossible to find so I switched to this and I am happy to report it works just as well if not better! Much cheaper too!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  14. 59

    por MorticiaMorticia

    Never again

    Um yeah I’ll never use this again. I used it lightly once a day only on spots and as directed for 4 days. On the 5th day I broke out in a severe allergic reaction that chemically burnt my face so bad I ended up with blisters that oozed and became INSTANTLY infected. My throat (4 days after the reaction now) is still so scratchy and dry that I’m still struggling to breathe properly. My eyes, the skin around them, almost instantly became swollen and red. All of this resulted ultimately in a ER visit on night 1, my skin was so burnt that it is like leather now and huge irritated patches of inflamed scaly DRY skin… dry DOES NOT describe it properly enough… after the 1st day of a reaction the “rash” spread to under my chin, then my neck, and yesterday it spread to my chest. I have had deep cracking and peeling till my face is RAW. I have spent days crying in pain unable to even splash plain cold water on my face that is now covered in raw spots on top of huge patches of inflamed red severely dry areas. Photos are of days 2 and 3 and my camera DID NOT capture how truly AWFUL my skin is. It’s much worse in real life.Anyways, back to the doctor AGAIN for me tomorrow because of this gel. Also the last doctor told me not to even go outside until it fully heals (4 weeks he said 🥴) cuz the sun and free radicals will pretty much redo ans cause all of these same symptoms all over again and I was told sun exposure or benzoyl peroxide use generates free radicals that damage the skin’s structure and cellular DNA causing my skin (everyones skin) pre mature aging and causes skin to become thinner and more easily damaged, prone to dark spots, scarring (from the blisters and raw open cracks too) and wrinkles!! My face has not gotten any better. It’s worse now.

    A 12 personas les resultó útil

  15. 59

    por Jeff T.

    Beware – quick expiration

    This product works well, but I was very surprised that all four packages were marked with October 2022 expiration, meaning that I have 60-90 days to use them all … and a little bit goes a long way. I was hoping to get 9 months to a year of the product still being good.

  16. 59

    por Eli Zen

    A little goes a long way.

    If you have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin like me… you need to get this. This treatment will last you a long time. You get four tubes and only need a small dollop on your finger. I have tried so many different treatments, from adorable to luxury and none helped with my acne like this does. I actually got mine last year and never wrote a review (idk why i didn’t). I am out of mine now, so I need to purchase more lol. You won’t regret getting this. Best thing ever!!!!!

  17. 59

    por TashaD

    Good generic version

    Works like the name brand

  18. 59

    por Ari

    Medicamento muy efectivo

    Es un medicamento excelente para la agne juvenil

  19. 59

    por HankSolo

    never fails to work! got rid of my stubborn acne

    10% benzoyl always works when nothing else does but do be careful of how often you use it because it will dry out ur skin. 10% is very strong i would recommend starting with 2.5% first or using every other day to let your skin get used to it. research the products you use with the benzoyl before you use because retinol and other products may cancel out and deactivate benzoyl peroxide. don’t use any products that will make the irritation worse & moisturize 5-15 minutes after putting on the cream. that allows it to soak in. best if it’s just used as a spot treatment. 4 packs for that cheap is amazing!!! BUT you don’t go through this product very fast. one pack will last you a few months depending on how often you use it.

    A 5 personas les resultó útil

  20. 59

    por J. Chaiken

    just what I needed

    For some reason this product has become very difficult to find in pharmacies. I like it because it dries out the area where it is applied. it is the opposite of moisturizing.

  21. 59

    por Crunchy Bae

    Works well to keep acne at bay

    Love how well this product gets rid of and prevents my cystic acne from popping up (no pun intended). I have it 4 stars bc it bleaches EVERYTHING. I have to wash my hands very well after each use and only use white towels. Even with those precautions, it will bleach my clothes when I sweat (I live in a humid climate so sweat is inevitable no matter what). I still use it bc it works so well, but it bums me out when I see my t shirts with bleach marks on them.*disclaimer: I do NOT use bleach with laundry or cleaning, so there’s no question in my mind that the stains are from this product

    A 6 personas les resultó útil

  22. 59

    por AriannaArianna

    Bout 4 pack July 2022 but expires October 2022…how am I supposed to use them all by then?

    I did not even open this product yet, but I had to take away at least one star right away. I was really excited to be able to save some money and get a 4 pack in hopes it would last me a while, however.. the expiration date is in October which is only a couple months away (it’s July 2022 expires in October)… that is very unfair. 4 tubes will never be finished by then. I would return them but who’s to say I wouldn’t be sent ones that only have a couple months left before expiring again you know?

    A 6 personas les resultó útil

  23. 59

    por Salem

    Holy grail product

    When this gel went out of stock I might have shed a tear. It dried out my excess oil perfectly, and doesn’t stain my towels like other similar products do. I get hormonal breakouts on my jaw line and was able to get it under control in 2 days using this. Can’t wait till I can buy again.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  24. 59

    por Cheri

    Excellent, Effective Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication at a Decent Price…

    This Amazon Brand – Solimo 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication, Maximum Strength, Dermatologist Tested, 1 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 4) is an excellent buy for the money. I bought this to help aid in combating some menopausal blemishes I was battling as well as for my son who also has acne issues. Benzoyl Peroxide has been around a very long time…ever since I was in my teenage years (that was 38 years ago…ugh). It works just the same as it did back then. It’s effective because it kills the bacteria within the pores and clears the skin progressively. However, it does come with some caveats. First, the benzoyl peroxide does dry up the pimple along with the surrounding skin. So those with sensitive skin need to think twice before venturing in to use this product. It can cause some peeling of the skin. Secondly, the benzoyl peroxide will cause bleaching of anything that comes into contact with it. It bleaches pillow cases, clothing and even hair. Yes, I said even hair! I remember having applied it to my forehead once, long, long ago, and a strip of my hair from my bangs turned blond (and my hair is black). So beware, before you decide to give this a go. However, it is very effective in treating acne. The trick is to use this product in smaller amounts and maybe less frequently. It’s also a good idea to use some kind of oil free moisturizer just to keep your skin from drying out too much. Be aware that this treatment is progressive…meaning the acne will not disappear overnight. it will take time. But once you get the acne under control, you can use this just to keep the acne at bay. Benzoyl peroxide doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a try. Hope this helps!

  25. 59

    por private

    alternative purpose

    I bought a doll with some pink stains on the face. I used this and it helped a LOT to remove them almost completely. I put it on thick and left it for a week or more before removing it. I’m sure the pink would be completely gone with another application.Personally, i cannot use this on my face. I tried this chemical when I was younger and it caused pink and burning.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  26. 59

    por Elizabeth Gutierrez


    It really helps reduce the inflammation every time I get new pimples. A tip: don’t just put it on the pimple, make sure you rub it in a little to allow your skin to absorb the product, it really makes a difference.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  27. 59

    por Leanne

    My holy grail for chin acne resolution!

    If you have acne problems and you are ready to put those problems behind you, this benzoyl peroxide 10% is the best thing that is going to enter your life!!!! It is a life changer!!! It works! I have had very stubborn cystic and follicular acne on my face, primarily my chin, for years but over this last year my acne really took over and it really was demoralizing and depressing. They hurt and they were so ugly! Embarrassing.So, my routine: I changed my cleanser to a dry oil cleanser since it is not drying and it is the best thing for my problem face right now. I put the dry oil in my hand and massage it all over my face and neck to make sure all is cleansed. Then I rinse it all off and leave my face damp. Here is where I apply the benzoyl peroxide cream: I put just a dab on my fingertip and apply it to my wet face so that the tiny amount is distributed evenly over the damp face. I rub it in where I have my issues, mainly my chin. When it’s dry I apply my moisturizing cream next, rub and pat it in and then finally I apply a layer of zinc sunscreen. The zinc helps acne too! Good luck!!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  28. 59

    por Andrea A.

    It works and it’s a great price!

    Since we all seem to need pimple cream in this house, I make my rounds when it arrives and deliver one to each of us since it’s a multi pack. It works and is cheaper than Target brand and I don’t have to waste any gas or frustration in their long lines. I recommended this product and works as it should!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  29. 59

    por MeKenzie

    I wish I took before pictures

    This absolutely changed my skin.I was using Benzoyl products from a local skin clinic, but due to Covid shutting everything down, I could no longer get my products. So I searched Amazon and found this super cheap. I didn’t think it would suffice compared to the top dollar I was paying at the skin clinic, but man was I wrong. This stuff works even better than all that expensive stuff I was getting! I am so mad I didn’t take a before picture to show how drastically my face and neck have healed up!!! At this rate I have no plans to go back to my skin clinic.I use this in conjunction with “Amazon Brand – Solimo Daily Acne Control Cleanser, Maximum Strength 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication” and “RejuveNaturals Vitamin C Serum Plus 5% Hyaluronic Acid, 2.5% Retinol, 2% Salicylic Acid, 3.5% Niacinamide” This combination is a lifesaver and so much cheaper than what I was paying, for even stronger ingredients!That equates to about $21.24 at current prices for all 3 items! (I was paying around $150 at the skin clinic)However, be aware that if you are just starting out, your skin will peel and purge out everything that’s been accumulating inside. Don’t use benzoyl around your eyes. My skin is used to these ingredients so I saw results in a week or less.

  30. 59

    por J

    Be careful!

    I used a little too much of this stuff and was left with red marks for a couple weeks. It’s very strong and should be used with a light hand, ONLY where needed and not on the surrounding skin. But if used correctly, it does clear up stubborn acne.

    A 2 personas les resultó útil

  31. 59

    por Gina C.💞Gina C.💞

    If you have sensitive skin you might want to pass.

    don’t get it around ur eyes, isn’t bad for oily skin.They gave me 4 instead of 1, but It made my skin swell a little around my eyes bc I used some around my eyes.

  32. 59

    por Jenny B

    Where has this been all my life???

    Wow! Where was this stuff during my teenage years?! I’m grown and not sure why I get occasional acne probably due to grown up stress and repeated furrowing my brow in a wtf face. I put a little dab as directed and BAM! It works quickly to clear it up. In some cases overnight. I would not recommend putting on entire face or applying too often because it’s pretty strong. Im way beyond teenage acne at 50 yrs old but I think this would have been great to have many moon ago.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  33. 59

    por Joe

    Value for your money – for now

    This is pretty much the off-brand Clean and Clear version. Places like Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. have a version of this, and this Solimo one is Amazon’s. This pack comes with four 1 oz (28g) bottles, so for the price right now, it seems to be the cheapest. That being said, I don’t know whether or not the price will stay the same at $12 when I bought it.As for the product, it’s benzoyl peroxide at 10%. All pros and cons are the same. Shirts will bleach/stain if you use it wrong or wtv. Acne will decrease if benzoyl peroxide works for you.

    A 6 personas les resultó útil

  34. 59

    por Jovanna

    Works perfectly

    I’ve tried many products for my specific skin concerns but I always go back to the 10% benzoyl peroxide cream. Every brand of this small tube of cream has worked for me, so I decided to get Amazon’s brand of it. I bought the pack of 1 for about 8 dollars, and when I received my package, there were 4 tubes! I was very surprised but definitely not mad lol. This works just as well as all the others I’ve tried, it really reduced my fungal acne and prevented more acne from coming on my forehead. It is drying, but not a huge issue for me. just make sure you moisturize enough.

    A 11 personas les resultó útil

  35. 59

    por A Customer

    best value

    It is very good value. Occasionally I have acne pops up, and I use it, the acne is gone just one day. Definitely get it again.

  36. 59

    por Deborah

    For Acne

    This has worked well for my 13 year old’s acne. It’s not too drying and gets rid of zits pretty quickly. A+

    A una persona le resultó útil

  37. 59

    por Working Dad

    Very good nightly cream for acne

    Bought it for my daughter.She uses it in the night and had noticed acne going away. It dries the acne and prevents it from coming back.

  38. 59

    por Earthling1984

    It works, and is way lower cost than name brand.

    I get some acne from time to time. This stuff works just as good as high priced name brands. Give it a try!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  39. 59

    por newyork10023

    Not sure why “moisturizing” would be a feature Amazon thinks is relevant to this product

    I have oily skin with rosacea. Left alone, it will break out in a matter of a couple days. Had worried that their formulation would be inferior as I always chose name brands (i.e., more expensive brands) in the past.I clean my skin with a moist/damp swab of hospital-grade raw cotton using 70% ethyl alcohol (difficult to find anymore) applied to it. Rub the skin thoughtly. (It is unreal how much dirt is removed in NYC even after a shower!) Under normal circumstances, it will prevent breakouts for me with my skin type.

  40. 59

    por AnotherWeasley

    Product came damaged

    First off, make sure you note this item is not returnable, replaceable, or refundable. This came in a box with another item, and the shipping box and other item were fine. However the ointment’s individual box was smashed flat and opened, and the ointment didn’t have a safety seal so it just made me feel like this item has been used or damaged. And I didn’t realize it wasn’t returnable until after the fact. So buyer be warned.

  41. 59

    por AT


    I barely ever leave reviews, but this stuff is like magic! I have my self-esteem back, in just days.Was SUPER skeptical of this stuff before buying it. I was doubtful that it actually had 10% benzoyl peroxide and doubtful of the overall quality.But my cystic-acne breakouts recently have been bad, resisting my acne antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide face wash, and topical antibiotic. So, I was desperate and bought this.My very first application seemed to kill all the active and developing pimples. By morning, all of them looked faded. Within 3 days of ongoing use, my face had no new pimples and everything started healing. Now, about a week in of daily use, my god, my face looks crystal clear (even though I’ve had LESS time to do skin care, in which case I just dab some of this on my face, lightly.)Protip: don’t put this directly under your eyes (the place you get eyebags), because the skin is super thin there, so it’ll burn from this.Other than that, I placed it everywhere else on my face (twice daily), and my face is clearing up, and it just relieves so much of my stress and anxiety.This works way better than topical (prescription) clindamycin, for me, and it’s much cheaper.

    A 7 personas les resultó útil

  42. 59

    por Shawn

    Decent Vitamins, Convenient

    I like vitamin packs in general. These come highly reviewed and while expensive so are others. This brand is highly rated on good ingredients. I don’t feel any difference in the way I feel other than psychological that i’m taking a good high rated vitamin pack.

  43. 59

    por Jemi

    Didn’t think it would actually help my cystic forehead acne

    I checked the reviews before I bought it as I got really bad acne from taking Vitamin b12 supplements/l-lysine and vitamin d3 supplements. I need those supplements in order to combat my canker sores and depression and getting cystic acne as a result often meant I had to choose between the two. But with this ointment I can choose to take the supplements and curb the painful acne now too so I’m very happy 🙂 thank you!

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  44. 59

    por madiah ahmedmadiah ahmed

    I promise you won’t regret this!

    This is my very first review ever for any product let alone amazon! This cream works magic! I have tried the most expensive formulas and nothing worked on my skin. This gem right here is doing wonders! I came here just to tell everyone who maybe going through the same thing as me. I have acne prone oily skin and I have had acne since my late teens in my early 20s now. My acne became so normal and I got so used to having skin that’s not clear. I get cystic painful zits oh both of my cheeks. I decided to give this a try. I first used it on June 24th we was the 7th day! Yeah you need patience because no good thing happens over night but I promise you when you begin to see results you will know it was worth the wait. Your skin will dry out but it is okay because brand new skin is waiting for you underneath. If I’m working I i my use it at night and if I’m home I’d use it about 3 times a day. When I wake up, mid day and before bed. Below is my pic from June 24th first day after applying the cream and the second is my pic today July 2nd after applying the cream! Get this guys

    A 47 personas les resultó útil

  45. 59

    por Donald Albin

    Works well

    Much better than some of the other “generic” options.

  46. 59

    por Demon

    Secret weapon!

    So I am a person who when they get pimples they NEVER go away unless I pop them! Like I could have a pimple for 6 months and it won’t go away unless I pop it. But sometimes they are so tiny or deep were I can’t, but this product change my life. I only used it a few times and already feel the affect. They are slowly going away in days.I am saying goodbye to the days we’re I had to pop them! Also such a good price! 10$ for four of them I am dead!

  47. 59

    por Amazon Customer

    Seems to work but don’t put it on your neck

    It seems to be working fine. I usually get a big breakout right before my period but the months I’ve tried this, I haven’t had a big breakout. However I can’t put it on my neck, as I think the skin is too thin and when I did, I got red bumps and the skin felt really dry for a few days.

  48. 59

    por Cassie

    Better compared to namebrand- $$$ wise

    This product will dry out your skin. But this is not meant for moisturizing. This is for acne prone skin and I have adult acne and it works great if used daily or for spot treatments. The value is great compared to the namebrand price that you pay at stores. And a little goes a long way. I have combination skin so I only place it on areas where it gets extremely oily or has bad blackheads and whiteheads.

  49. 59

    por Gabriela FloresGabriela Flores

    Muy buena! Excellent!

    Ultimamente he estado lidiando con un horrible acne que solo me sale en las mejillas y barbia! Nunca he sido una persona con acne pero empeze a experimentarlo despues de dejar mi dispositivo de planificacion! He intentado muchas cremas y esta es la mejor k he conseguido! En las fotos pueden ver lo el progreso al tercer dia de usarlo y me gusta solo lo uso en el area del acne ya que recesa y queda blanco pero no importa ya que lo uso en casa dos o treces al dia! Muy bueno a disminuido el tamaño del acne y mi cara se ve mejor! El tamaño de los barros era enorme y doloroso y esta crema se siente fresca y no siento dolor en mis mejillas ! Opinion honesta xk tener acne no es facil y hay muchos medicamentos k no funcionan para nada pero esta crema es la mejor me ase sentir mejor!

  50. 59

    por Maggie

    Please restock!!!

    Love this cream!! Please restock!

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  51. 59

    por Helen


    I love this!! This is my holy grail for clear skin!! I don’t use it everyday, i use it maybe once every 2-3 days. When I first started using it I used it every single day and my skin became severly dry & started peeling, so I gave my skin a break and now only use it every few days or when I feel a pimple coming. I wash my face with cerave, moisturize with the walmart brand, and apply this to my problem areas before bed. A must have!

  52. 59

    por Taylor Johnson

    Works great as a spot treatment

    Worked for a little while & then my dermatologist told me to stop using this type of cream every day all over my face since it was drying it out too much causing my skin to over-produce oil in my T-Zone. This is best used as a spot treatment UNLESS you skin is naturally OILY. Not combo skin, not normal, definitely not dry… but OILY.

  53. 59

    por Justin BrumbleJustin Brumble


    The tube’s seal is defective and lost some of the cream. There are no returns with the product. The cream works well on my acne, just disappointed about the poor quality of packaging.

  54. 59

    por Rudy M

    Works Great for Cystic Acne

    First and foremost, please do not complain about the white film (especially to the makeup wearers). Use a moisturizer if that is your sole complaint.This formula works and that is what counts. Combine this with a great cleanser and you’ll be clear in a matter of weeks. Unlike the other BP gels/creams, there are no fragrances whatsoever.I highly recommend to cystic acne sufferers of all ages.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  55. 59

    por Amazon Customer

    Works great!

    Love this product

  56. 59

    por Marie Schieren


    As someone who struggles with hormonal acne, I know I need benzoyl peroxide to clear up my pimples or recently popped ones. It is extremely well working. It will definitely dry out your skin though!

  57. 59

    por Miya

    This product works better then the $20 products it shares ingredients with.

    I had to write a review for this product to give some incite on what not to do/what to do after trail and error. Do NOT use this before you’re moisturizer (as the first topical thing on your bare skin): cleanse your face, moisturize, then apply this on top of that to avoid irritation and burns. DO use twice daily as long as you put it on top of your moisturizer, and apply a thin layer on the affected area (if the affected area is a part of your cheek, apply to your whole cheek).

  58. 59

    por CindiaCindia

    Came opened

    When I opened the package bag the medication was spilled on the box and it was open.

  59. 59

    por LaTonya Barnes


    It was exactly what I wanted. Love this. It works perfectly on the big pimples. I recommend

  60. 59

    por Chelsea&Danny, Sarttin

    Wish I found years ago love helps so much

    Where been alll life! Love it

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